Our Teacher

Ms Amy has over 20 years of experience as a Registered Early Childhood Educator. She recalls fondly her own children’s experience at Elmira Community Nursery School with Miss Diane. She believes that the opportunity her children had to spend at Nursery School helped them to become the creative, confident and outside-the-box thinkers that they are now. She brings to our school her warmth, kindness, patience and a love of learning.

Our Facility

Elmira Community Nursery School is located at 250 William Street, 2nd Floor. We are somewhat unique for the area because we have a dedicated classroom rather than sharing a space in a church basement or community centre. On site, the children enjoy exciting play stations and lots of opportunity for exploration and learning. We are a licensed facility with the Ontario Ministry of Education under the Childcare and Early Years Act, 2014.

Our Philosophy

Children learn from one another by observing and interacting in creative and active play. While participating in the classes, children participate in a variety of activities which foster social relationships with their peers and adults while encouraging age appropriate developmental goals such as sharing, turn taking, and problem solving. Igniting children’s imagination and creativity is at the center of the play at the Elmira Community Nursery School.

Our preschool provides an engaging and warm environment while also providing emotional security for the child. When secure, a child can learn, create, be free to express himself and to socialize with peers and adults in a positive way. A cooperative preschool should be a positive experience for parents and children. Your decision to become involved with such a program will require time and dedication. Please make sure that you understand your role as a cooperative preschool parent. If in doubt, please ask.