Encouraging Adventurous Eaters

Encouraging Adventurous Eaters

 I clearly remember thinking that I had successfully raised adventurous eaters by the time both of my children hit 2 years old. They loved sweet potatoes and broccoli, often asking for more. I had also been pretty successful at avoiding refined sugars, artificial food colouring and flavours. I took comfort in the fact that their diet was firmly planted on …

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Outdoor Engagement

As I write this article on a snow day it seems appropriate that I am writing about how the outdoors is a perfect place to engage and connect with your toddler and preschool child. Remember snow days as a child? You loved them and couldn’t wait to get your snow pants and mitts on and head out into the wintery …

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Curating Family Traditions

February is a great time to talk about family traditions with Valentine’s Day and Family Day right around the corner. Family traditions connect us, give us something to look forward to and can even be used to reinforce our values. Sometimes though, it is hard to know where to begin when curating your own family traditions. In our home, some …

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